Throw some confetti on me
Givenchy Confetti Tank Top, Skirt, Bag, and Sneakers

It’s a bit late but here is a dress made by a fabulous person I met while working at fashion week. :) Check out his work here!

Venus Love-Me Chain sweater

Alexander Wang Jelly Tote

Totally love this Creature of Comfort bag. I think it might even be a contender for my everyday Rockie duffel.
Creatures of Comfort Box Bag 

I hope everyone in the east coast is staying warm! It’s not very cold here in L.A. but I put on a sweater every time it gets below 68F. I know, I know, we’re so spoiled when it comes to weather…  Above is an A.P.C sweater I gave the beef as a gift, yet every now and then I steal it from him… ;)

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. I am now finally off of my regular work for some good ol’ hiatus. Which means, more of my own time to do my blog! Yay! Right now I’m craving an embellished skirt paired with a simple gray tee.

It’s Parka time! OK, It doesn’t actually snow here in LA but us Angelenos are so sensitive to the weather that if it’s not anywhere between 68-72 we just get too hot or too cold. Utterly SPOILED I tell you. 
To me, winter is also the time to dress even MORE comfortably. Or maybe that’s because I’ve been working 90-100 hours lately that jeans and parka have pretty much become my uniform. Which, by the way, is also the reason the updates have been MEGA lacking.
I’ve been on the hunt for more sweaters. I can’t believe I missed the Kenzo x Toiletpaper sweatshirts. So in love with this baby. :(
ACNE Powder Parka / Kenzo Big Eye sweatshirt

I have a wedding to go to this coming January and I keep dreaming of a sheer and delicate gown with splashes of color like that of Klimt’s paintings to wear.

Sneaking in a sketch!

More fashion week favorite. STILL Proenza Schouler. What is this? A dress? A coat? A droat? 

Another fashion week favorite: Proenza Schoeler. That silhouette is to DIE for.

Wanna look tough in David Koma.

I’m always amazed by the playfulness of Margiela. It’s always just the right amount. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Charlotte Olympia and Nicholas Kirkwood, but there is something so playful yet so simple and elegant when it comes to Margiela. I don’t think I’ve ever worn my Margiela lucite wedges without catching someone’s attention. (source)

I recently got my grubby mitts on some Animal Crossing. I think my little villager is looking pretty hot.